Other drafting systems clutter your screen with windows, limit you to fixed duct sizes, and complicate the estimating and fabrication process. Those other systems tell you that they draw ductwork parametrically then open multiple windows to tweak the fitting into the size you need. Who has the time to waste on popups and sliders when you need to make and hang fittings now?

Duct Stream draws the duct work you need for the job. Period. Any dimensions. Any size. Fast and ready for fabrication. Duct Stream was designed to take you from the engineer's drawing to fabricated fittings with as few steps as possible. Calculate complicated hookups with our auto-routing features then output those fittings right into Wendes Estimating or load those fittings into your Vicon, Cybtek, or Camduct layout software.

Are you ready to get back to work with tools instead of toys? Duct Stream. Draw. Estimate. Fabricate. Faster.



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