InteliCAD™ is the most efficient end-to-end hvac design and fabrication software. InteliCAD™ was built from the ground up with powerful tools for the real world. Our sophisticated auto-routing routines can draw complicated duct quickly and accurately saving you hundreds of drafting hours. InteliCAD™’s reports are compatible with a wide variety of plasma cutters and can be custom tailored to fit your shop specifications.
   These tools are the best in the business and save the industry thousands of hours. But the real key to InteliCAD™ is our Parametric Design capabilities that draw real duct for the real world. InteliCAD™ has a vast library of fittings that can be custom sized to any dimension. And your custom duct downloads directly to your plasma cutter quickly and accurately.
   Are you ready to get back to work with tools instead of being limited by a toy?



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