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August 27, 2019 – 

Tulsa, OK – Newchip, one of the top investment platforms in the world, has a track record of helping companies get funded with over $20M+ in investments into its member companies in 2018 alone. This week, they accepted InteliCAD™ into their online accelerator.

“We are very excited to have InteliCAD join the Newchip family,” remarked Ryan Rafols, Founder & CEO of Newchip. “The team impressed us from the start – we are eager to see how they take InteliCAD™ to the next level. They have a unique perspective on their market and what they’ve built so far shows great promise.”

Originally developed in 1988 and then relaunched in 2019 by co-founders Matt Milner and Jeremy Milner, InteliCAD™ is the most powerful end-to-end duct design and fabrication tool on the market today.

“We believe that tools for the real world cannot be limited to whole numbers; tools should work for you instead of the other way around. That’s why the core of InteliCAD™ is our artificially intelligent parametric design,” says InteliCAD™ CEO and co-founder Jeremy Milner. “InteliCAD™ has been designed from the ground up to enable our users to create any fitting in any size quickly and accurately saving drafting, fabrication, and field installation hours.”

InteliCAD™ is being used by high-profile sheet metal shops all around the world.


“We believe that the future of drafting and fabrication is AI,” says Jeremy Milner. “InteliCAD™ has always been the leader in this field and we are excited to be back.”


Visit to learn more.

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About Duct Stream
Duct Stream is an artificially intelligent end-to-end design and fabrication tool for use with AutoCAD.

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